Get Ready For Autumn…

Hello my lovelies!

Although it’s still August, at the time of writing this it feels like very, very autumnal. It’s cold, it’s raining and I am SO READY for an autumn wardrobe refresh. I’ve been thinking about buying some good quality boots for a while now, instead of getting a fresh pair every year that only sees me through one season. In particular, I’ve had my eye on these Chloé Susanna boots after seeing them all over Instagram and recently seeing one of my faves, Tamara, talking about how much she loves them in a video.

I saw an ad for them today and found that the exact colour Tamara mentioned is in the sale! I’m going to buy them for myself and wanted to make sure I let you guys know they’re in the sale if they’ve been on your wishlist too. Farfetch is such an amazing site for sales on designer bits that you wouldn’t think would ever end up in the sale. Shop my favourite designer boots below by clicking on the images!


Other Designers

Happy shopping!

Annam xx